MSc Thesis and PhD Thesis manuscripts

•    PhD Thesis (1999/2002)
Contribution to the study of the fate, mobility and impact of metals used for the treatment of eutrophied lake: Case of aluminium and copper (in French). Prof. Dr. M. Baudu (
Referees: Dr. V. Ruban (L.C.P.C. Nantes, France); Dr. K. Wilkinson (University of Geneva, Switzerland).

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•    MSc. Thesis (1998/99)
Influence of phosphonic acids and EDTA on bacterial copper toxicity (in French). Dr. Ir. Ph. M. Chazal
Referees: Prof. Dr. J. Ph. Croué, University of Poitiers (France), Prof. Dr. M. Astruc, University of Pau (France).

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