Scientific and Teaching Carrier

•    09/2016-till now: Full Professor of Environmental Science and Technology at UNESCO-IHE (Delft, The Netherlands) and Head of the Chair Group Pollution Prevention and Resource Recovery.
•    09/2005-08/2016: Associate Professor in Biogeochemistry at Université Paris-Est (France). Teaching activities (200 h per year)  in Environmental Microbiology, Environmental Chemistry, Biological wastewater treatment technologies, Biogeochemistry, Chemistry at the interfaces, anaerobic digestion processes at BSc and MSc level.
•    11/2004-09/2005: Assistant Professor at Université de Limoges (France) (96h): Teaching activities in Aquatic Microbiology, Aquatic Ecotoxicology, Water Analysis, Application of anaerobic digestion technology.

•    11/2002-10/2004: Post-doctoral researcher at the University of Wageningen (the Netherlands): Optimization of anaerobic granular sludge reactors: Speciation, Bioavailability and Dosing strategies of trace metals. Marie Curie Postdoctoral Individual Fellowship. Project leader Dr. Ir. Piet Lens (

•    2003/2004: Practicals in Aquatic Microbiology (2×40h) University of Limoges (France).
•    2002/2003: Practicals in Aquatic Microbiology (2×40h) University of Limoges (France).
•    10/1999-10-2002: PhD student at the University of Limoges (France) under the guidance of Prof. Michel Baudu (GRESE)

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